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Printed will and testament on parchment paper

How to Repair Torn And Damaged Documents

Introduction How to Repair a Torn DocumentStep 1: Assess the Damage Step 2: Gather the Necessary Tools Step 3: Clean the Document Step 4: Repair the Tear Step 5: Flatten the Document Best Document Repair Services Introduction Documents are a crucial aspect of our lives, from personal documents like certificates and photographs to professional documents […]

blue print

How to Preserve Blueprints

How Do You Preserve Blueprints? Blueprints, otherwise known as cyanotypes, can pose specialized concerns and challenges when it comes to handling and storage. Many times, due to the processes and materials used to create them, blueprints can become acidic and brittle. The method of creating blueprints was invented in 1842. This method became a popular […]


How is Iron Gall Ink Made?

How Were Inks Made in the Old Days? Iron gall ink is a type of ink that has been used for centuries, dating back to the medieval period. It is made from tannin extracted from oak galls, iron salts, and water. To make iron gall ink, oak galls are collected and dried. Oak galls are […]

Art Curators in Museum

Preserving History: How Museums Protect Precious Artifacts and Documents

What are the Challenges of Protecting Precious Artifacts & Documents? keywords: museum security, museum artifact preservation, document protection, artifact conservation) Precious artifacts and documents are some of the most valuable items in a museum, and they must be protected from theft, damage, and deterioration. Museum security is essential to ensure that these items remain in […]