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Vellum & Parchment Restoration

The Kelsey National Book & Paper Conservation Studio offers state-of-the-art Book and Paper Conservation treatments and preserves precious materials for individuals and organizations.

Vellum & Parchment Conservation:
We offer a full range of services to help you preserve your vellum & parchment documents.
Whether it is a manuscript, illuminated scroll, diploma, or land deed, our skilled conservators will repair and restore your treasured artifact to give it a new life for many more generations to enjoy.
Services include:  cleaning, tape removal, re-stretching and flattening in preparation for archival framing.

For more information and to discuss your repair or conservation project,
please call (336) 509-0536 or email

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We Repair Antique Vellum Pieces

At our studio, we specialize in repairing vellum and parchments of all varieties.  Our expert conservators will restore your vellum & parchment documents so they can be framed for display or storage.  The vellum will be surface cleaned, damaging tapes removed, and the document humidified, re-stretched and flattened, minimizing cockling and distortions to the parchment.  We can assist you to restore your cherished parchment document so it can be viewed and enjoyed for many more years to come.

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Our vellum & parchment repair & restoration services include:

Call for pricing (336) 509-0536

Repair Your Parchment Artifacts

Are your parchment documents looking a bit worse for wear? Don‘t worry, we have the perfect solution. At Kelsey Conservation Studios, we specialize in parchment repair services. We have years of experience restoring and preserving documents of all types, so you can trust us to get the job done right. Our services include cleaning, repair, and conservation of parchment documents. We use only the best materials and techniques to ensure your documents are in the best condition possible.

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Our vellum & parchment repair & restoration services include:

Call for pricing (336) 509-0536

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What to expect when you work with us

1. What to expect at the start of your project

We will make arrangements for a consultation.  We offer complimentary estimates via phone and email.  Clients are welcome to arrange to meet with us at our Greensboro studio or mail artifacts for evaluation and a formal quote. 

Once you have deposited your artifact at our studio, a complete and in-depth analysis will be performed, and a formal evaluation, treatment plan, and quote will be drawn up for your project. The Conservator can often provide a firm estimate at your in-person consultation.  In some instances, an additional evaluation will be required to determine the exact treatment required.

3. Project completion with full report

A full Conservation Treatment Report will be provided upon completion of your project.  We reserve the right to stop treatment or refuse a treatment that we deem inappropriate and that may damage the object. 

We take great care to improve the condition and appearance of your works on paper to the full extent possible without risking structural or historical integrity.  We are passionate about the services we provide and the artifacts we preserve.


2. The engagement process

Your object(s) will remain at our studio so that we can perform a complete examination and formulate the appropriate treatment. At this stage we will provide you with your treatment proposal.  After reading it, you can let our staff know if you have any questions or concerns.  Once you have reviewed and signed the necessary paperwork, and made a 50% deposit, your artifact is placed in our work queue.

Average turn times vary depending upon backlog and the nature & scope of your project.

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